Super Junior’s Profile

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Debut Day: November 6, 2005 “Super Junior 05” (except for Kyuhyun –> May 23rd, 2006)
Official Fanclub: ELF (EverLasting Friends) – established June 2, 2006
Official Balloon Color: Pearl Sapphire Blue
Sub-groups: Super Junior K.R.Y., Super Junior T, Super Junior H, Super Junior M

Members :

Leeteuk 이특

Birth name:Park Jungsu 박정수

Stage name: Eeteuk/Leeteuk (meaning “special”)

Chinese name : Li Te
Birthday: 7/1/83
Place of birth: Seoul Yeonshinnae, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 older sister(Park Inyoung)(1982)
Position:Leader, sub-vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, trot
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, DJ
Instrument(s): Bbeatboxing, piano, guitar
School: Paekche College of Arts
Height:178cm(5’10) (He’s shorter than that actually -_-” )

Blood type: A
Nicknames:Angel Without Wings,Teuki Teuki, AngelTeuk, Leada Park, Peter Pan, Gae Teuk (given by Heechul), ori (duck), Special Leader
Ideal Girl:Pretty, outgoing girl (163cm (5’4) being the ideal height) with thin ankles and wrists.

Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance: 2000 MBC “All About Eve”
Trivia: Is the leader and the oldest of Super Junior. He was the first member of Super Junior that was accepted into SM Entertainment.

Cyworld blog:



Heechul 희철

Birth name:Kim Heechul 김희철

Stage name : Heechul

Chinese name : Xi Che
Place of birth: Wonju, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 older sister(Kim Heejin)(1982)
Position:Sub leader, rapper, sub vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, alternative rock, trot
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, DJ, model
Instrument(s): Singing, rapping, piano, Drums
School:Sangji University
Blood type: AB
Nicknames:Heenim, Cinderella, Sachawon, Kim Cherry, Flower, Kim Pink, Kim Moodswing,  Snake (from his Shio), Heerobbong (the part of robbong family with Donghae and U know), Heebongie hyung (given by Yesung)
Ideal Girl:Single-eyelided girl with a pretty neck who looks good in mini skirts and/or with her hair tied up.

Hobbies: poetry, drawing comics, computer games, eating alot
Trivia: Graduated from Sangji Yongseo College
Cyworld blog:

Hankyung (Korean) 한경/ Hangeng (Chinese) 韩庚

Birth name:Han Geng 韩庚

Stage name :Han Kyung
Place of birth: Heilungjiang, People’s Republic of China
School:Central University for Nationalities Beijing
Religion:Atheist (I’m not sure actually, some others say that he’s Christian)
Blood type: B
Nationality: Chinese (ethnicity- Hezhe)
Nicknames: Eagle, The Miracle of 1.3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang, 3-Year-Old,Beijing Fried Rice, Dragon (from his Shio)
Ideal Girl: Cute girl who respects his parents and loves him for who he is; Song Hyekyo; someone who’s tall, fair-skinned with dark straight hair.

Hobbies: martial arts, dancing, Chinese traditional dancing, ballet
First Appearance: May 2005, Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk
Trivia: He used to live in a dorm with Heechul and Kibum separate from the other members, but now he lives in China,currently sue SM Entertainment for his freedom. His idol is Andy Lau; he also admires Lee-Hom Wang and Jang Donggun
Cyworld blog (Korean): He doesn’t update it regularly though.
Cyworld blog (Chinese):
Sina Weibo:

Yesung 예성

Birth name:Kim Jongwoon 김종운

Stage name: Yesung (meaning “art-like voice”)

Chinese name : Yi Xing
Place of birth: Cheonan, South Chungcheong, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 younger brother(Kim Jongjin) (1987)
Position:Lead vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, R&B
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, DJ
School: Chungwoon university and move to Sunmoon University, graduated in the early 2009
Blood type: AB
Nicknames:Cloud, Artistic Vocal Chords, Singing Yesung, Cheonan Uljjang, Dog (from his Shio), Rabid dog (given by heechul O.o)
Ideal Girl:Moon Geungyoung

Casting: Starlight Casting System 2001
First Appearance: November 1999, Chunan Gayoje Gold Statue
Cyworld blog:

Kangin 강인

Birth name: Kim Youngwoon 김영운

Stage name: Kangin (meaning “strong person”)

Chinese name : Jiang Ren
Birthday: 1/17/85
Place of birth: Seoul Seodaemoongoo HongEunDong, Republic of Korea
Sibling: none
Position: Sub vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, trot
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, DJ
School: Kyunghee Cyber University (Major: Cultural Management)
Religion:Christian (again, I’m not sure about this one, because some fans say he’s Atheis)
Blood type: O
Nicknames:Bear Kangin,Strength Kangin, Raccoon(neoguri), Korea No.1 Handsome Guy, The Real Leader, Kkang, Ox (from his Shio), Youngchoon (given by Heechul)
Ideal Girl:Rich and pretty with pretty feet and long straight hair

Casting: 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2002
First Appearance: May 2002, SBS “A Man And A Woman”
Trivia Fact: MC’s for “M!Countdown” with bandmates Eeteuk and Shindong. He celebrated his 100th day as a DJ in mid-June, 2006. DJ’s for “Chunbangjichuk Radio” where Super Junior members often visit as guests. Currently, He’s in the army.

Shindong 신동

Birth name:Shin Donghee 신동희

Stage name: Shindong

Chinese name : Shen Dong
Place of birth: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Sibling: none
Position: Rapper

Genre(s): K-pop, hip hop, R&B, trot
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, MC, DJ
School: Paekche College of Arts (Major:Dance)
Blood type: O
Nickname:Dolpan Ogyupsal(a type of food), Dongguri dong dong (from Ppo Ppo Ppo)
Ideal Girl: Adorable, petite

Casting: 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2005
First Appearance: July 2002, Goyangsi Yout Dance Part Daesang/Compensation
Trivia Fact: MC’s for “M!Countdown” with Kangin and Eeteuk. He mixes the songs and choreographs for most of the Super Junior dances.
Cyworld blog:

Sungmin 성민

Birth name:Lee Sungmin 이성민

Stage name: Sungmin

Chinese name : Cheng Min
Place of birth: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 younger brother(Lee Sungjin)
Position: Main vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, trot
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, DJ
Instrument(s): piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums
School: Myongji University (Major:Film Musical; transferred from Seoul Institute of the Arts)
Blood type: A
Nicknames:Pumpkin Guy,Sungmin Who’s Too Cute for Us, Sweet Pumpkin, Minimi, Ming (given by Fans)
Ideal Girl: Adorable, petite

Casting: 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2001
First Appearance: 2002 Survival Audition HeeJun vs. KangTa Battle of the Century
Trivia: His love for Sweet Pumpkins earned him his nickname. He started martial arts in high school and taught himself how to do nunchucks. Before the debut of TVXQ and Super Junior, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Xiah Junsu of TVXQ were meant to be in a R&B group called “Daeneb” (pronunciation), but it fell through. He’s a perfectionist type. Cyworld blog: Time

Eunhyuk 은혁

Birth name:Lee Hyukjae 이혁재

Stage Name: Eunhyuk

Chinese name : En He
Place of birth: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 older sister(Lee Sora)(1984)
Position:Rapper, sub vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, hip hop, R&B, trot
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, MC, DJ
School:Paichai University
Blood type: O
Nicknames:Monkey,Gem Adonis,LittleMermaid,cockroach,HallyuStar,Hyojjae,Hyukgoo, Jewel Guy
Ideal Girl: Fair-skinned, cute, petite

Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance: 2000 Goyangsi Youth Dance Business Contest Gold Statue
Trivia: Due to the fact that his real name was the same as a very established and famous Korean comedian, SM Entertainment issued him a stage name. He is a very close friend with Kim Junsu from DBSK and went to the same elementary, middle school together.
Cyworld blog:

Donghae 동해

Birth name:Lee Donghae 이동해

Stage Name: Donghae

Chinese name : Dong Hai
Place of birth: Mokpo, Jellanam-do, Republic of Korea
Sibling: 1 older brother(Lee Donghwa)
Position: Rapper, sub vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, Mandopop, hip hop, R&B
School: Myongji University (Major:Performance Arts)
Religion: Christian
Blood type: A
Nickname:Fishy, Sushi, Hweh, Ryeowook’s #1 Fan, Bada’s Dad, East Sea, Mokpo Uljjang, Donghae bada, Pinnochio (given by Heechul), Dorobbong (part of bbong’s sibling with Heechul and U know, Tiger (from his Shio)
Ideal Girl: Someone who’s caring, fair-skinned, with big eyes and long hair.

Casting: 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2001
First Appearance: November 2005, SBS “Shin DongYop’s There is There Isn’t” panel
Triva: He is close friends with U-Know Yunho of TVXQ. His father, who he hadn’t seen for two years due to his training as a singer, passed away on August 8, 2006 due to chronic illness. He was put into a five member group with Leeteuk before the debut of Super Junior, but it fell through. Some of the names for that group were “OK”, “Smile”, and “Pricor”.
Cyworld blog (old):
Cyworld blog (new):

Siwon 시원

Birth name:Choi Siwon 최시원

Stage name: Siwon

Chinese name : Shi Yuan
Birthday:02/10/87 (the real one is 07/04/86)
Place of birth: Seoul Gangnam, Republic of Korea
Sibling:1 younger sister(Choi Jiwon)
School:Inha University(Major: Theatre Arts)
Height:183cm (6’1)
Position:Sub vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, Mandopop
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, model
Blood type: B
Nickname:Simba, #1 Fan of the LORD, bodyguard, gentleman, horse
Ideal Girl: Christian, wavy-haired with abs

Hobbies: singing, dancing, watching movies, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), playing drums(Recently (9/3/06)

Trivia : Si-won performed with another SM Group, The TRAX on SBS Inki-gayo as the drummer since their drummer and letter in their group Rose(R) left the group.

Ryeowook 려욱

Real name:Kim Ryeowook 김려욱

Stage name: Ryeowook

Chinese name : Li Xu
Place of birth: Incheon Bupyung Sanggokdong, Republic of Korea
Siblings: none
School:Inha University (Major:Theatre Arts)
Position:Main vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, Mandopop, R&B
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor
Religion: Catholic
Blood type: O
Nickname:Ryeonggoo, Eternal Maknae(youngest), Rank #1, Ryeowook On Top, Ex-Maknae
Ideal Girl: Someone who’s petite and can sing well

Casting: CMB Youth ChinChin Festival Popular Reward 2004
First Appearance: June 2004, MBC “Starry Night” Contest 1st Place

Kibum 기범

Birth name:Kim Kibum 김기범

Stage name: Kibum

Chinese name : Ji Fan
Place of birth: Seoul, Republic of Korea (also lived in California for about 4 yrs)
Sibling:1 younger sister(Kim Saehee)
School: Inha University
Position: Rapper

Genre(s): K-pop
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, model
Blood type: A
Nickname:Snow White (given by Heechul), Yangban Kim (again -_- given by Heechul)
Ideal Girl: Han Ga-In

First Appearance: April 2004, KBS “April Kiss” TV Series
Trivia Fact: Kibum lived in the United States for five years and attended Santa Monica High School in California. He also has an IQ of 138 (Happy Sunday Heroine 6 on 7/2/06)

Kyuhyun 규현

Birth name:Cho Kyuhyun 조규현

Stage Name: Kyuhyun, Gyuhyun

Chinese name : Qui Xian
Sibling:1 older sister (Cho Ara) (1985)
Position:Main vocal

Genre(s): K-pop, Mandopop, R&B
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer
Instrument(s): Singing, piano
School:Kyunghee University Global Campus (Major:Post-modern Music)
Blood type: A
Nickname: Maknae (youngest) On Top, Chic Kyu, Kyuristinao Ronaldo, Choding, Micky’s #1 Fan, Dance Kyu, Lord Kyu ,Sulky Kyu, Ham Kyu, Porn Kyu, Fit-In Kyu, Alien, Jesus Kyu, Dorm Kyu, Sexy Kyu, Baby Kyu, Shy Kyu, ELF Kyu, Green Kyu, Terror Kyu, Rotten Smile Kyu, Guinness Kyu, Voice Kyu, Dark Kyu, Model Kyu, Miracle Kyu, Doll Kyu, S Line Kyu, Basic Instinct Kyu, Game Kyu, Kyurying Fan, Drama Kyu, Kim Kyu (given by Heechul), etc (it’s rumored that he has over 3000 nicknames)
Ideal Girl: Pretty, preferably Christian; Kim Taehee and Shin Se-Kyeong

Casting: Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place
First Appearance: “New Single Jacket Photoshoot” (news on television)
Trivia Fact: He was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary. He was discovered at a Chin Chin Singing Competition and featured in the video of a remake of TVXQ’s song “Hi Ya Ya” with other Chin Chin idols. He is currently a Modern Music major at Kyunghee University.
Cyworld blog:

Additional Members for Super Junior M



Zhou Mi 조미 周觅

Birth name: Zhou Mi 周觅
Place of birth: Wuhan, Hubei, People’s Republic of China
Height: 184cm(6’1)
Religion: Atheist (Not quite sure)
Nicknames: Siwon (since he looks like him), Gentleman Mimi (parody of Lady Gaga)
Nationality: Chinese (ethnicity- Han)
Sina Weibo:周觅_SJM


Birth name: Henry Lau
School: A.Y.Jackson Secondary School
Siblings: One older brother and one younger sister
Religion: Lauism 🙂
Blood type: AB
Nickname: Mochi
Nationality: Canadian


Cr : Shenyuepop + koreanpopstar  +SJFF +mikover


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